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Directory listing benefits for your business

1- Improve your website’s SEO value and discovery in Google and Bing.
2- Mobile device and smartphone friendly.
3- Upgrade your listing with images, your URL, phone number, and more.

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Listing Upgrades

Upgrade fees can be paid with Bitcoin or credit cards through Stripe. Annual payments with cryptocurrencies are discounted. We support Coinbase too.

Directory Listing Plans

Listing plans for cannabis merchants. All of our listings are generating positive SEO value.  This website helps adult consumers find your store from their mobile device or desktop PC. Our easy to search directory allows consumers to search by name, zip code, city, etc.

Our Free listing is working for you right now. Please, claim the free listing quickly. See our FAQ for more. Upgrades allow you to add more details for prospects to select your store. Our search results are based upon the consumer’s query only, we do not have paid “sticky” listings that always appear in all searches.

See the grid of our plans here.

-Free listings (no charge forever)

  • Business name
  • Business address (street, city, State, and Zip Code)

-Bronze @ $19.95 per month

  • All Free plus
  • Your company’s phone number
  • Your company’s email
  • Your website URL
  • Short and long descriptions
  • upload 5 images (your logo, storefront, brands, products, etc.)
  • upload attachments (PDFs) example a coupon or your suggested edibles pairings.

-Silver @ $59.95 per month

  • All Bronze plus
  • Google Maps
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Upload 10 images (your logo, storefront, brands, products, etc.)

-Gold @ $99.95 per month

  • All Silver plus
  • Upload 25 images (your logo, storefront, brands, products, etc.)
  • Digital marketing e-learning (Vidjaa) Gold access
  • Banner ads on the site (like the one shown below)


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Advertising (no listings required)

Dank Merchants welcomes non-cannabis merchant advertisers to access our audience. Our two-sided audience mix of adult consumers and cannabis merchants can deliver powerful results. Unlike other websites, Dank Merchants is not part of an ad network and no retargeted ads are displayed. We also have a very low ad to content ratio so that the viewer experience remains excellent.

  • Display and text ads
  • See our ad sizes, details, and rates here

dank merchants listing plans

Please see our Terms and Conditions page for subscription details and privacy information.