About Us

About Us

Dank Merchants’ mission is to help adult consumers locate legal cannabis retailers and dispensaries easily. We have two goals. First is for adult consumers to find legal cannabis merchants near them. Second, we help cannabis merchants get discovered online and build their organic SEO value. 

Our easy-to-use search is built to locate legal cannabis retailers by city or zip code. Some merchants may have Google Maps enabled to help consumers navigate to their location using their smartphones. We started with Colorado then Oregon and now Nevada retailers too. We source the retailer data from the state licensing authority.

Cannabis merchants can easily claim their listing and upgrade it if they choose. The free listing will continue to provide search results and SEO value to your business.

Dank Merchants can display ads. For more on our advertising services click here.

Dank Merchants is a website owned by Ebookmarketingplus.com LLC. The owners of this website do not own any cannabis retailers or dispensaries.

Please see our terms of use. 


Dank Merchants is an information website. We do not condone, approve nor recommend the use of marijuana or cannabis products. Marijuana, like other controlled substances such as alcohol and tobacco, has known negative health impacts. Adults that choose to use Marijuana are making an informed choice about its use. Visitors to the website are affirming they are over 21 years of age and no information from this website should be shared with anyone under 21 years of age. The owners of this website support the legal use of marijuana by adults.  

We welcome your comments!

Please let us know what state to add to the website or any suggestions that you have.